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Content controversial topics
Every generation believes that the controversial topics of its day are the most important, and each generation is probably right. As society evolves and becomes more complex, controversial argument topics evolve as well, and reflect the biggest problems society faces at the time.
The Power of Persuasion

January 20, 2015- Posted to Study

Content 8
What this means is that, when an opinion is “forced” upon another, that person’s opinion has not really changed. “Forcing” an opinion is more the ilk of argumentative essays and debates, because the writer or speaker “comes out of the chute” ready for battle – pressing his/her own point and trying to annihilate the points of the opposition.
Ultimate List of Writing Contests

January 06, 2015- Posted to Study

Content 9
I think it was actually a national contest, but there were prizes given at the school, county and state levels. With clean faces, dress-up clothes, and a big smile, those of us who were occasional winners would have our pictures taken with the principal, county supervisor, or some state official, as we received a certificate and a U.S. Savings Bond.
The Absolute Test Study Guide

December 26, 2014- Posted to Study

Content 11
I was one of those rare high school students who just did not need to study for tests. As long as I paid attention in class and did my homework, I somehow retained skills and information well enough to keep a great GPA.
Content study tips
My mother was really big on setting up the perfect environment for studying when I was in high school. Here was the deal. She insisted that the best way to study was to be in my room, at a desk she and my father spent good money on, with the door closed and no disturbances.
Content writing skills
If you didn’t learn to write passably by the end of high school, you are in for some serious remedial work, especially if you are continuing your education.
Content 30 insanely creative
Essays for college courses can be insanely boring and tedious, and I can remember those days of trying to come up with creative ideas as the assignments just kept flowing!
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