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Those Annoying Application and Scholarship Essays – How Important Can They Be?

The answer, of course, is hugely important! Most of the time, it is those very essays that separate the rejections from the admissions and/or awards. These are NEVER to be taken lightly, and if you have any concerns about your ability to create them, then you need to contact immediately!

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Your Essay(s) Must Be Unique

Remember, every other candidate is writing on the same topic. How bored do you think the admissions or scholarship committees become, reading the same basic essay, over and over again. Most will conform to the basic structural, grammatical, and compositional “rules;” most will be well-organized and even coherent. But only the unique essay will truly engage. If you cannot find unique and compelling ways to “tell your story,” then get someone who can. Get a writer at!

The Admissions/Scholarship Essay Team at

Our professionals stay current on the essay prompts that undergraduate and graduate school candidates will face; they have years of experience researching scholarships and the typical questions that prompt the essay responses. When you get a personal writer from us, you will be collaborating with a brilliant writer – a collaboration that will land you in the “accept” or “award” pile! Do not hesitate while so much is at stake. Contact us now!

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