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Rewriting Woes

Every student has experienced it, perhaps first in high school. S/he finishes a final draft of and essay or term paper, only to have a teacher assign a re-write because it has structural, grammatical, or coherency issues.

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Other students complete a research paper or a book report and ask a friend, who consistently gets “A’s” on written coursework, to review it. The friend returns it and suggest that it be re-written, pointing out numerous errors.

An ESL student, serious about achieving a good grade on a book review or reaction paper, re-writes the assignment several times, and is still getting those pesky red and blue “underlines.” While Word may correct the spelling and some of the grammatical errors, it cannot fix the flow of the work. And perhaps this student has plagiarized some parts without realizing it. All of this will result in an instruction to re-write the piece.

When Rewriting is Just Not Feasible Anymore

You have finished a movie review or an article assignment. You know it is not well-written but you are either out of time or just too frustrated to keep re-writing it. You have other assignments, activities, and obligations.  Maybe you simply decide to take a bad grade and be done with it.  Don’t do that! Get in touch with and let an expert make “short work” of your re-write, return it to you in perfectly polished condition, and go on about your other activities. Makes it So Simple!

First, our rewriting services are so reasonable, even a grad student with a thesis or dissertation can afford to have a Ph.D. pro re-write sections or chapters of the work!

Second, we match the topic of the piece with a credentialed academician. If you need a re-write of a sociology case study, for example, we will pair your order with a graduate-degreed sociologist. If you have finished a lab report for a biology course, one of our degreed biologists will perform the re-write.

Third, we are fast. Even if your research summary is due within several hours, upload it, set the deadline, and it shall be re-written in time!

Fourth, we are versatile and able to take on any type of re-write you need. Annotated bibliography assignments are tedious, and if you need yours re-written in proper format, we have graduate-level experts for that! From an essay, to a presentation, to an article critique, to research projects and proposals, and anything in between, you can count on!

Place your order, upload your written work, and let us do the work we do so well!

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