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Never Proofread Your Own Work

No matter what type of writing you must do for the courses you take, you should understand that instructors and professors are human.  When they read and essay, research paper, or even a book report, they are always drawn to mistakes in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and such. They can’t help themselves, and they will be correcting even small mistakes in an otherwise great term paper or book review, because those errors bother them. The problem is, they may spend time correcting your minor mistakes and lose the overall picture of what you have written. Your grade will definitely suffer because they are irritated.

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And you may be very surprised to have an essay, movie review, or a research summary returned with red correction marks, because you actually proofread the piece after you finished your final draft, and did not catch them! This is pretty common, actually. We are so “close” to what we have written, and we have perhaps re-written it so many times, we completely fail to catch our errors.

At the undergraduate and graduate levels, common composition mistakes are completely unacceptable. Professors may return an essay, article, project, or reaction paper with no grade at all, insisting that you “clean it up” before they will accept it. Again, your grade will suffer in the end.

Graduate students cannot afford even the slightest error in composition. At this level, such things as a lab report, an article critique, any piece of research, and even an annotated bibliography, must be without even a typographical error. When Master’s candidates complete a case study or submit a thesis, it must be perfectly written; a doctoral candidate faces the same extreme expectations when the dissertation committee reviews his/her final product.

Grades are too important to be lowered by mistakes that good proofreading could have fixed. An objective pair of eyes, in the head of an expert, should be reviewing your work. That pair of eyes can be one of the professional editors at

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If you want perfectly written coursework assignments, with a rapid turnaround, place an order for proofreading at, upload your work, and one of our professional editors will polish it for you, correcting any errors of syntax, vocabulary, sentence structure, grammar or spelling. Students for whom English is a second language can especially benefit from this service, as well as others who are challenged by grammar and punctuation. Using will get you the grades you deserve!

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