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Good for you! There are several steps in this process, as you may already know, but certainly a huge task is the creation of your resume or CV. There are several options for you:

  • You can consult with friends, look at their documents, and try to emulate what they have created.
  • You can go online, “Google” resumes and CV’s and find a host of templates and free advice. Do you wonder why all of this is free? Probably because the advice is dated and the templates are dinosaurs.
  • You can find a resume/CV service that offers resume/CV writing experts who are currently HR and recruitment career professionals.

We suggest the third option, without reservation. Why? Because using individuals who are actual practitioners in their fields will result in resumes and CV’s that will get results! has the Right Professionals

In order to set up our resume/CV writing division, we recruited and rigorously screened some of the most successful HR executives and recruiters, who now work for us on a contract basis. When we receive an order for a resume or CV, we match that need with the most suitable career professional – one whose experience and current position is closely aligned with the career goal of the client.

Your personal consultant will communicate with you, will probe for all pertinent information that may be relevant to a position you seek, and will craft the most compelling resume possible. If necessary, your consultant can create multiple documents, based upon the specific positions for which you may apply.

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