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Those Frustrating Multiple-Choice Tests

College students today have 24-hour access to their assignments, supplemental readings, etc., so long as their PC/laptop/tablet is operational! They can participate in discussion groups; they can submit assignments; they can keep a running tally of their grades; they can contact their instructors with questions or issues.

Multiple choice questions

Technology has also changed test-taking. Now, a student can login to his/her password-protected account, and actually take tests, mid-terms, and finals. Many of these exams are of the multiple-choice variety, and, once a student begins, there may be a time limit.  Rushing, under duress, is never good for anyone, and some students do far less well than they would under normal circumstances. Can Take Over For You!

If you have not had time to study for a test, or if you are really nervous about performing well on it, we can hook you up with a content specialist on our team, who can take the test for you.

Placing Your Order with

When you place your order, you will be asked to provide detail about the test – specific course, academic level, areas of study to be covered by the test (e.g., if it is in U.S. history, what time period), and the time frame within which the test must be completed. Please let us know as well if there is a time limit on the test. We can handle both time-limited and non-time limited tests – we just need to know.

A Word about Privacy and Confidentiality

We understand that you may be nervous about providing us your username and password to your school account page. Please understand that we are very careful with your information. An administrator will use that information to provide access to the account for your expert to take the test. That person will never have your private information.

We Have Degreed Experts in Every Academic Field and Offer Comprehensive Services!

In addition to test-taking, offers complete academic writing services – essays, papers, case studies, research projects, lab reports, book and movie reports and reviews, and even consultation on theses and dissertations. We can do this because we have spent years accumulating a staff of researchers and writers, in order to “cover” any topic and any level.

Use for your test-taking needs; use us for the myriad of other services we also provide. Reasonable rates, confidentiality, non-plagiarism guarantees and commitment to customer satisfaction are just a few of the benefits!

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