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Help Frequently Asked Questions

About General Services

Exactly what is is a writing service that has been in business for years.  We provide academic, professional, and business writing for students, employments candidates, and online businesses.  For students, we offer all types of products from the high school level through graduate studies, in the form of essays, papers, research projects, case studies, book reviews, analyses, lab reports and all major graduate-level projects – virtually any type of writing assignment a student may face.  We also prepare resumes, CV’s and cover letters for job seekers, as well as copywriting in the form of website content, articles, blogs, etc.

How is different from all of the other writing services I see on the Internet?

We stand out in both quality and service to our customers. While other services use questionable, amateur writers, we use only degreed professionals who have significant experience writing in their degree fields. We match every order with the most suitable writer, so that the student receives exactly what s/he needs. We also set up communication between the customer and the writer, something that other services would never do. Every order we receive is begun from scratch, something other services will not do.

Our writers are native English-speaking, while most other services rely on foreign workers, many of whom are students with questionable English composition ability. has a customer service department that is second-to-none – real people on the job 24 hours a day to help all customers with any questions or issues. Other services take your order and provide no assistance thereafter. You only hear from them when your order is finished, and there is no recourse if you are unhappy.

We have an editing department that reviews and checks every order before it is delivered. We can guarantee no plagiarism because we use software scans to check for this. 

We provide continued service after sale and delivery, offering revisions to ensure customer satisfaction. With other services, you take what you get with no recourse.

How do you select your writers? Where do they come from?

We have a lengthy and comprehensive process for selecting writers who work for us. First, they must be native English-speaking professionals with degrees from credible colleges and universities. We verify all of their credentials; we require submission of samples of their writing; we require that they complete an original piece of writing, on a topic that we choose, in their content field of expertise. We always balance the degree levels of our writers and match their degree levels with customer orders. Thus, we have writers in all fields with Bachelor’s through Ph.D. degrees. In this way, we can accommodate any writing need of any student or other professional who requests our services.


If I receive a written work from you and I am not happy with it, what will you do for me?

We focus on customer satisfaction above all else. If you are not fully happy with your work, you need only contact us within 3 days of receiving it.  You can contact customer support and, as well, your writer, and request specific changes. These are usually completed quite quickly and at no charge to you!

The Ordering and Production Process

How do I place an order for writing from

The process is quite straightforward, as follows:

  • The customer accesses the website an proceeds to the Order Form
  • New customers may have questions, and we encourage them to contact our Customer Support Department for assistance. These are truly helpful people and they are available 24 hours a day. You can contact them by telephone, live chat or email, and they will respond quickly
  • Complete the Order Form with as much detail as possible, filling in all fields.
  • Submit your order. You will receive confirmation of submission.
  • You will be contacted for payment as soon as a writer has been assigned to your order.
  • During the process of production, you will have access to your writer through your personal account page and our online messaging system.  You can check on progress, and your writer can contact you if s/he needs any more information.
  • When your piece is finished, you will receive notification on your account page and your personal email. You then download the work, review it, and either accept it or request any revisions you want.


What happens during production and how do I keep track of what is happening with my order?

You will have a personal account page and immediate access to our messaging system. On your account page, you will always see the status of your order, and you will be able to message your writer or the customer service department with any questions or concerns. We keep you “in the loop” throughout the entire process, and you will never be left wondering what is going on.

When your order if finished, you will receive notification on your account page and in your personal email that you provided when you placed your order. You then download the order, review it, approve it, or ask for changes you might want.

Can I give my writer more information if I need to? What if my writer needs more information from me?

We have set up a communication system between you and your writer for the very reasons you state. Your writer may not understand all of your instructions; your writer may have suggestions; you may need to upload resource materials. All of these things are handled by our messaging system.  We know that when writer and customer communicate directly, the customer gets exactly what s/he wants!

Sometimes there is a need for communication that is more frequent and more direct than the messaging system, such as an order for a complex and lengthy graduate-level project. Communication in this case is very important as well. 

The Payment Process

How do I make payment and when is it due?

You will receive notification when a writer has been secured for your order, and payment will be due at that time, or work cannot begin. 

When you receive notification from us, you access your password-protected personal account page, and go to the "Active orders” link. You will find your current order and you must then click the “Checkout” tab.  You will provide your payment information and then click the “Make Payment” button.

Security Concerns: We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and Wire Transfer. When you use PayPal, you know that your information is fully secure.  Likewise, when you use a credit card or Wire Transfer, you can be confident that your information is secure as well. We use the same third-party payment processers that major retailers use, and all personal and financial information is encrypted.

The Delivery Process

How will my order be delivered?

When you placed your order, you provided us with your contact information, including phone number and email address. As well, you were given a personal account page on our site. When an order is ready for you to download, you will receive notification on your personal account and via a personal email. You will then access your account page and open up your work. You will have 3 days to review it and ask for any changes. Once you approve it, the work is available for download in Microsoft Word format, and can then be printed out.

What if my delivery is late?

There are only few  reasons for this to occur, although they are very rare indeed. If your deadline has been reached and you have not received notification of delivery, you should contact the customer service department immediately. The issue is usually resolved quite quickly. Sometimes, a writer has requested something and the customer has failed to check the account page for messages; sometimes there has been an issue with payment, and it must be resolved for delivery to take place.  

Almost 100% of our orders are delivered on or before the deadline the customer has provided. On rare occasions, there has been an emergency with the writer, and we message the customer immediately. If the late delivery is our fault, we will issue a refund and work to get the delivery made as soon as possible. It is really important for you to check your personal account page and your email often, because any problems are always communicated to the customer as they arise. Writers

How do I know I have a qualified writer?

When you place your order, you provide the topic, the type of work, and your academic level. We type those specifications into our database, and only those writers who are qualified to assume your project are identified. Your writer will have the degree and degree level that is required for your order.

When a potential writer applies for a position with us, we insist on several steps in the selection process. We first require a resume or CV submission, and we verify all educational credentials that they have shown on that document. Then we request samples of their work, so that we may evaluate their proficiency. A third step in this process is their completion of an original work, the topic of which we choose. Again, this work is evaluated for academic soundness. Only the most qualified writers work for!

Are your writers all English-speaking?

Yes, absolutely! We only employ writers who have degrees from English-speaking institutions in the UK or U.S. You will never have a writer for whom English is a second language.


Can you ensure that I will have access to my writer?

Yes, we can. We have a messaging system and we require our writers to contact you directly if they have questions.  Likewise, you can contact them directly through your personal account page.

Resume/CV Writing Service

Who will write my resume?

Dependent upon your career field, you will receive a business/educational/HR professional who has significant experience in resume writing and who is fully current on the formats and wording that will be most engaging for a potential employer to read. No standard templates are used, as is the practice of most resume writing services. We present you uniquely and creatively so that you stand out!

Who write CV’s?

Because CV’s are produced for very specific educational/research/non-profit organizations, we have a team of writers devoted specifically to this task.  All have Ph.D.’s in their fields and all have significant experience in writing CV’s for our customers.

How is my personal information protected when one of your employees prepare my resume?

We do not provide your writer with your personal information. Rather, we forward all of your provided education, experiential, and employment background, as well as the career goals you have stated. The resume or CV is produced without your personal information, and an administrator inserts such information after the document has been completed by the writer.

I may have a need for several resumes or CV’s, dependent upon specific positions for which I am applying. Can you do this?

Of course we can. If you have specific potential employers, your writer will research those companies and organizations and craft resumes specifically designed for them.

Copywriting Services

Can you produce website content, and who do you use to write it?

We carefully analyze every order for website content and assign the task to a creative and experienced writer in the business/service area of the site.  Our site content writers are masters of their craft and can produce the most engaging and motivating content you will ever see!

I need blog posts for my site – do you have writers for these and can you post directly to the blog on my website?

We have exceptional bloggers who love to conduct research and write blog posts. They are familiar with all of the requirements for content marketing and SEO, and will deliver superb works to you.

We can post blogs directly onto your site, so long as you give us access to do so. Many of our customers are long-term, and we have bloggers who post on a scheduled basis. If you use WordPress or Blogger, we can post quickly and efficiently. If you do not use either of those platforms, we are happy to deliver a great post that you can then copy and paste onto your blog.

Can you write articles on any topic?

Absolutely! We will assign a writer who has familiarity with your product/service to produce as many articles as you want! If research is required, your writer will be “on it!”

Who owns the content you write for my site, for article directories, etc.?

Once you pay for and approve the content/blog/article, you have sole ownership of that piece of writing. You will never see it anywhere else, as it is deleted from our system.

How do your guarantee against plagiarism?

We have developed very sophisticated software to detect plagiarism. Every piece or writing completed by our writers is subjected to a plagiarism scan, and we strive for 100% originality, while Google only requires 80%.

Our Guarantees

Can you guarantee that my order will not be plagiarized?

Yes, we can. We use sophisticated software to scan all writing before it is delivered to a customer. You will find no plagiarism at any time.

How do I know what I have ordered will not be sold to someone else?

Unlike cheap, irresponsible writing services, we have procedures in place to ensure that no one will ever see the work we produce for you anywhere else. Once the work is delivered to you, it is deleted from our system – gone – never to appear anywhere else!

How do you protect my identity?

You must provide you name and contact information when you place an order, so that we may get in touch with you if necessary. We do not, however, share this information with anyone else, not even your writer.

When you make payment, you provide additional information on your personal account page. This is all encrypted, and a trusted third-party firm processes your payment. We use the same firm that major online retailers use. None of our staff ever has access to your payment information.

Can other people discover that I have used your service?

No, not unless you choose to tell them. We never share, transfer, sell, or distribute any customer information, not at any time!


Do I have to tell my instructor or my school that I am doing business with you?

Absolutely not! We don’t reveal the names of our customers, and they do not have to reveal any information about using our service.

Am I breaking any laws by using your service?

No! We are a legitimate registered company, offer products and services to our customers. Our business is fully legal throughout the world.

Am I guilty of plagiarism when I use your service?

No. People who plagiarize use the work of another person and claim that it is their own. You have ordered an original piece of writing from us.  It has not been produced for anyone else, and, once you take delivery, it belongs only to you. Your writer relinquishes any ownership, and we delete it from our system. You have full ownership!

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