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When a Regular Bibliography is not Enough…

A bibliography for a piece of research is relatively simple to construct, so long as one understands the format required. It is a matter of “plugging in” the correct information in the right order. As one progresses through college level studies, however, the requirements become more challenging – primary resources and annotated bibliographies.

Bibliography that is annotated

The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to demonstrate to a professor that you have read the research, fully understand that research, are able to provide a short summary, and to evaluate its significance and, of course, its relevance to the research work you are undertaking. While most often used for thesis and dissertation work, annotated bibliographies may be assigned for case studies, graduate level lab reports, or as a matter of practice.

Annotated Bibliographies Can be Tricky

If you have not produced an annotated bibliography, or if you simply do not have the time to study all of the potential research materials for a project, can do this for you. Ultimately, once our Ph.D.’s have completed annotated bibliographies for our clients, they are able to make sound decisions relative to the usefulness of each source for their needs. In other cases, the research work has been completed, and the client needs an annotated bibliography of the sources s/he has already used. No problem!

Sound annotated bibliographies take practice – lots of practice, along with the skill of compositional brevity. Summarizing and analyzing a lengthy research study in less than 300 words is not easy! Our academicians have had lengthy experience in producing them and are masters of their craft. 

Send us the sources for which you must write annotations, along with any specifications, and we will assign the project to a skilled Ph.D. in your field. S/he shall return to you, by your stated deadline, a perfectly structured bibliography. is the “go to” writing service for all academic writing needs. Our highly qualified researchers and writers will craft exemplary products of any type and complexity. Use us whenever you are “stuck” or out of time! 

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