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Is an Article Critique on Your Coursework List?

The article critique is a very specialized assignment. On the surface, it appears to be a rather simple task – read an article, determine the point and the purpose of the author, and then analyze the credibility and the opinions contained therein.

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If an article is simple and straightforward, the critique should be as well. Unfortunately, instructors and professors do not typically assign simple, straightforward articles. They assign articles with a great deal of “meat” for students to chew upon, and the critique can become quite complicated to produce.

To critique an articles, several readings will be required. Note-taking may help somewhat. The next step is to identify each point being made by the author and to be certain that you fully understand each point and the evidence/supporting detail for those points. Now, the analysis begins. This will take solid critical thinking as well as organizational skills. You will need to a thesis statement that will encapsulate your overall reaction to the article, and then, point by point, “prove” your thesis, using specific detail from the article itself.

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