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Your Cover Letter May be Costing You an Interview!

The goal of any job applicant is a job, obviously. The job comes only after at least one interview; the interview comes only after the resume has been read and put in the “yes” pile; and, often, the resume gets read only when a cover letter has piqued the potential employer’s interest.

Cover Letter task

It would appear, then, that the cover letter is the most critical part of the entire process! And yet, applicants, thinking that the resume is the most important introduction, tend to have a stock cover letter that they have put together quickly and perhaps rather haphazardly.

Actually, a cover letter can be somewhat similar for each resume sent, but a few phrase or sentence changes can be made to “personalize” it for each specific position. That said, a good cover letter will feature the following:

  • An attention-grabbing first sentence. Unfortunately, most say something like this: “With great interest I noted your posting for a position as a (title of position),” or “Please consider me an applicant for the position of (name of position), as recently posted.” These are boring.
  • The body of the letter should be brief but should succinctly summarize a few things that qualify you for the position at hand.
  • The conclusion can state that you look forward to hearing from the individual reading your letter and that you are available for an interview at his/her convenience.

You Only Get One Chance

You don’t get a “do over” if your cover letter does not impress. With so much riding on it, then, you should probably enlist the help of a professional who knows how to engage a reader immediately. You can find such a professional at, a writing service that has an entire department devoted to creating letters and resumes/CV’s for job applicants.

How We Create Your Cover Letter(s)

When you contact us regarding a cover letter, we immediately ask for a copy of your resume, so that your assigned writer can learn as much about your background as possible. That writer may then contact you to ask a few questions. If the letter is for a specific position opportunity, your writer will research the company, so that a few key words or phrases can be inserted into the letter – perhaps some that have been used to describe the company on its own website. Your writer may also suggest multiple cover letters, if your background qualifies you for positions in more than one specific industry niche. Some corporate cultures are quite formal while others are the opposite. Your letter should reflect that culture.

The letter will be designed as a “stand-alone” piece that will engage the reader from the first sentence forward, and you will be surprised how important information about you can be “spun” so well!

Don’t send out another cover letter until you have seen what a professional writer from can do. For a very reasonable price, you can get one that promotes you in compelling and unique ways!

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