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Product Reviews that Work!

If you are an e-commerce entrepreneur, than you certainly must understand the importance of product reviews. If you just access any site that offers products (Amazon, Sears, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, etc.), then you will easily see that there are product reviews for any item you are researching. Don’t fool yourself – people really do read these reviews and often base their purchases on what other customers say.

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If you market any product or service, you will want a strong customer review presence, not just on your site, but in multiple other places on the web as well. Properly placed reviews can drive traffic your way and ultimately result in more purchases.

How Do You Get Customer Reviews?

Most e-commerce merchants, whether they are strictly web-based or are brick and mortar with a web presence, openly solicit product/service reviews from their customers. Studies show, however, that most consumers will not complete a review when they are pleased. Consumers who are not please or who have had a negative experience are far more likely to write a review. Often, this provides a very negatively slanted “picture” to others of products and/or services that are generally quite good.  To offset this negativity, merchants will write their own positive reviews or attempt to have family and friends do so. Results will be mixed.

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