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Got Some Exciting News to Share?

Yahoo does, everyday! Pulling headlines from all major news outlets (and some minor ones too), Yahoo publishes headlines and some enticing phrases that will “hook” the reader to click and read. Your press release should do the same!

Awesome press release

If you do not employ a PR specialist who is also an adept journalist, your press release will be buried and unread; if you are using a press release as a form of advertising, yours will be buried and unread; if you do not understand the essential elements and flow of a press release, yes, yours will be buried and unread.

Let’s Begin with a Definition

A press release is not an article or blog post. It is an announcement of something new or important – a business launch, a new or improved product or service, etc. In short, it must be newsworthy! Within this definition, moreover, are basic tenets of solid journalism – what, where, when, and why – a story that is told in a creative, unique and compelling manner.

Moving on to Format

  • The Headline is the most critical element of your press release, and you need a really creative person to craft it. This is your “hook.”  Consider the following two example:
  1. AB Company Announces its New Clothing Product Line for Seniors!
  2. Seniors with Style – New Clothing Line from AB Company!

Which would capture your interest if you were a senior citizen? The headline must begin with something other than the company name and must focus on the product, service, or concept.

  • The remainder of the press release must provide important content, of course, but should also include at least one quote – in this case, from a senior who loves the new line.
  • A picture is always good, for it draws “lookers” who may then read the release.
  • Getting the press release “out there” will mean accessing sites, blogs, directories, and social media, that active seniors and their kids visit.

Feeling Less Than Competent?

Don’t stress! You are not a journalist, but you do have, a writing service with an entire staff of journalists who produce press releases on a daily basis.

Here’s What We Need from You

Send us your news! That’s all!  One of our journalists will begin work immediately. S/he will contact you if any additional information is needed; s/he will quickly craft a brilliant piece and send it to you for review and approval; s/he will re-write and revise as you request. is proud that its press releases get maximum publishing coverage. Let us get that coverage for you!

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