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The Abstract – Tiny but Mighty!

Any student who is producing a dissertation has committed to a huge project, and it is the final but critical phase of the Ph.D. degree award. Dependent upon the institution or department, the dissertation will be 4 or 5 chapters in length, and most can total upwards toward 200 pages in length. As well, this dissertation will be published and will appear when any ERIC search is conducted within the topic field of the work. Part of this process in publishing readiness will be the writing of the abstract.

Chapter Abstract

Because the abstract is a VERY short summary of your dissertation, it cannot be created until the full dissertation is completed. It must accompany the final work, however, so it will be produced before you go before your committee.

Think of the abstract as a basic 5-paragraph essay, including the following:

  • The Introduction: Briefly state the background of your topic and why you believe your study is important to the topic.
  • First Body Paragraph: Explain what you specifically studied in order to answer your research questions. (Obviously, you will state your research question in this paragraph)
  • Second Body Paragraph: Briefly summarize your methodology
  • Third Body Paragraph: Summarize your results – state what you found in general terms
  • The Conclusion: What was the importance of your study and what are its implications for future research?

Remember, the Abstract must stand alone. Other researchers shall read it to determine whether your study relates to research they are contemplating.

How Can Such a Short Piece of Writing Create Such Havoc?

One would not think that, after so much work and writing for a dissertation, a simple 150-200 word essay would be such a difficult thing to produce. Unfortunately, this is exactly the source of frustration. You have to reduce a huge document to 200 words, and you simply cannot do it!

The problem is, you are too “close” to your work. Everything in that dissertation is important and, for you, reducing it to a mere essay is almost sacrilegious. Step back, take a breath, and contact

What Will Provide

Whether you have used any of our dissertation services up to this point or not, you are welcome to come to us now with your abstract project.  We have a full department of Ph.D. researchers/writers, and editors who collaborate with graduate students on theses and dissertations on any topic whatsoever.

The process is quite simple. Upload your dissertation within the context of your order placement and request an abstract. A Ph.D. in your field will read and study the entire work and prepare an abstract for your approval. Once you have received the draft, you can then review it, ask for any revisions you would like, and ultimately walk away with a brilliantly written piece that will receive good reviews from your committee.

As always, obtaining any type of academic help from is completely confidential. As well, you will find our rates quite reasonable, our writers extremely responsive to your questions or issues, and our guarantees not available with any other academic writing service.

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