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A Dissertation Proposal that Will Gain Immediate Approval!

This is what you want. You have discussed with your advisor the research that you want to conduct for your dissertation; you have reviewed the literature and discovered either a gap or the need for additional research to verify work of earlier academics in your field; your advisor believes your project has merit. Now you must prepare the dissertation proposal for committee approval.

Proposal for thesis

Elements of a Proposal

A proposal must contain very specific elements. You must follow the instructions of your advisor, of course, but in the proposal, the following will always be included:

  • An introductory statement that succinctly and specifically speaks to the nature and the purpose of your research. You must justify your reasons for this research – how do you expect to contribute to the existing body that already exists in this research field?
  • You must provide a brief literature review of the research you have already studied and demonstrate how this research has informed your proposed project.  Point directly to any gap you intend to fill or to any related research which is inconclusive and should be verified.
  • Provide a brief overview of the methodology you intend to use and justify its appropriateness for your research question. You may also be required to demonstrate that the statistical model you intend to use for analysis is the most appropriate.
  • Provide a short conclusion that speaks to the need for your research and what you hope to contribute.

We Can Help!

If you are concerned about the soundness of your proposal, please contact us right away! No matter what the research area, we have a credentialed Ph.D. who can either review the proposal you have already produced or who can take all of your information and create one that will fly through the approval procedure. Perhaps your initial research is a bit thin. No problem! Your consultant will pull additional relevant research and weave it into that section. Perhaps you are concerned about your organizational structure, your grammar and composition, or your coherency. Again, let your consultant review, revise, and edit the piece. Above all, you do not want to submit a proposal that is not perfectly composed – committee members may think you lazy or unskilled.

The proposal is your first introduction as a scholar to your committee. You want it to be perfect in every way, so that they are impressed from the very start. Getting your Ph.D. consultant/writer from today will ensure success! Our rates are reasonable, and you can be assured of confidentiality.

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