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The Dissertation Introduction

If you have come this far in your dissertation work, you probably have a fair idea of what must be included in Chapter 1 – the Introduction.

Dissertation Introduction

Part of your introduction was actually formed when you wrote your proposal, but there are key elements and questions which the Introduction must have.

  • You must first introduce your research question, carefully and completely. For example, “Will specific differentiated programming impact academic and behavioral success among at-risk students at the middle school level?”
  • You must include statements that justify the reasons for your research. Why is this study important? Who might benefit from this study?
  • State your objectives. Are you hoping to generate an educational model that other educators can use to benefit at-risk children? Are you hoping to verify existing research or to inform additional research on the question?
  • What is your hypothesis?
  • Include a brief statement of your methods. Remember, these will be covered in detail in a later chapter. For the Introduction, you will want to just provide a quick preview. Aare you using a single sample? Are you using experimental and control groups? Why did you choose the methodology you did? And over what period of time was the study conducted?
  • Specify any limitations to your research. What nuisance factors must be accounted for? Were there any ethical concerns? How did you address these?

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The introduction is crucial to your entire work, because it either captures the reader’s interest or causes that reader to discard the work as uninteresting. You committee will look very carefully at your introduction to ensure that you have provided compelling evidence that your study is important and that your presentation will be logical, coherent, and worthy of a Ph.D.

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