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The Literature Review – A Fully-Packed Chapter!

At first glance, the literature review seems much like a major research paper, and you certainly have produced those many times during your graduate studies. Not so much. Hopefully, you have completed much of your actual study of existing research in preparation for your dissertation proposal.  Indeed, the proposal could not be submitted without at least some research having been accomplished and cited as the justification for the study you are proposing. What you now realize, of course, is that the literature review may be a bit “thin,” that you will need to add more prior research in order to “set the stage” appropriately, and that you certainly do not want to leave any important earlier research on your question out.

Craft your literature review

Problems You May Encounter

As you work to locate your additional research, you will probably run into the same issues as before. As the saying goes, “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince.” You will pour through lots of research studies, only to find that they really do not point directly to your research question. This is a lot of time wasted.

Another problem occurs when you attempt to collate and synthesize all of your research. How do you organize all of these studies into specific sections or concepts, so there is a coherent flow? Should you organize the research chronologically to show its historical development?

How the Committee Evaluates Your Literature Review 

Here is what your committee members will ask themselves as they read this chapter.

  • Have your demonstrated your understanding of the broader field of research?
  • Have you integrated the material according to some logical pattern?
  • Have you demonstrated critical thinking skills of analysis?
  • Have you evaluated the research and identified specific strengths and weaknesses?

By now, you realize that this is not the same as gathering resources to use for a standard research paper. It is not uncommon, therefore for students like yourself to locate an academician from the field to help with this chapter. We would recommend that you come to for your academician, for we will have one perfectly suited of your task.

Placing an Order Begins and Immediate Process

Once you have contacted and discussed the need for a dissertation literature review in a specific field, we will immediately assign an expert with a Ph.D. in that field. Wherever you are in the production of this chapter is where your consultant will begin. You can upload all that you have completed so far and turn the rest of the work over to him/her. As the chapter unfolds, you will be kept updated and be provided drafts to review. Your consultant is most likely already familiar with the research studies you have provided and, in fact, will probably suggest additional literature to be included. In the end, you will have a literature review chapter that will meet all of your committee’s criteria. Further, you can keep the same consultant as you move through the ensuing chapters, so that there is continuity of collaboration.

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