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Dissertation Chapter 4 – Finally Your Results!

You have introduced your research question and hypothesis; you have conducted your literature review; and you have described the methodology and presented the instruments to be used in your study. Once you have implemented the study itself, it is time for reporting the results.

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Typically, this chapter stands on its own, however, some institutions/departments place the Results with the Methodology or the Discussion chapter. Your department advisor has most certainly already advised you on structure, and it matters not where your results are physically placed.  What matters is that you report the results of your study accurately, that your graphics are clear, and that you are objective in your presentation.

Here, you will show the results of your research implementation.  Several things to keep in mind are as follows:

  • Treat only the results that answer your study question. You may be excited about some unexpected results, but those are for another study, and they may be addressed in your Discussion chapter.
  • Certainly, you want your tables, graphs, and charts to explain themselves, but remember your readers were not intimately involved in your study. Prose explanations must accompany these graphics so that understanding is fully achieved. Do not insert any personal opinion or analysis.
  • Be objective in this section – you are not analyzing anything – that’s for Chapter 5, the Discussion.
  • Use percentages instead of numbers. Instead of saying 86 out of 120 respondents, say “almost 72%.”

You know the “What” but you may be struggling with the “How”

If dissertation authors are struggling with their Results Chapter, it is usually because they have difficulty organizing the results and showing them graphically. Others are great with the graphics but the prose explanations seem disjointed and/or unclear.  Not to worry! You can upload all of your results to a Ph.D. in your field at, and s/he will quickly turn them into a chapter that is both scholarly and exceptionally written.


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