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Resumes are not Written; They are Designed

If you are creating a career resume for the first time, or if you need to renovate an old one, you may not be particularly well versed on the evolution of resumes in the recent years. The stock templates that you will find online, or the resumes that will be created by the thousands of purported professional services will all look the same, read in the same way, and will all be found to be very boring to a reader.

Design your resume

Today, resumes must be designed upon the candidate and for the specific position that candidate seeks. Think about it for a minute. Should a resume for a position in a conservative banking institution look the same as a resume for an Internet start-up, with a 20-something CEO? Of course not!

Your Need a Designer Resume – Maybe Several

While there are certain constants in resumes (education, job experience, career goals, strengths, interests), the key to being noticed by a potential employer is to have a resume that presents those constants in a creative and unique manner and yet reveals your personality and your match for the employer’s organizational climate. Consider the following example:

You have a degree in accounting, and you are looking for your first position. You are aware of openings in a local real estate organization, an investment firm, a new law firm focused on criminal defense, and a major local retailer. These possibilities present several different corporate environments, and you will probably need a resume with a unique slant for each of them. Stock templates and standard resume services will not provide this variety. You need a service that can individualize your resumes for positions sought, and one that can produce quickly.

Set Yourself Up With

When you come to, you come to the finest resume design service to be found. The process is simple, direct, and, most important, based upon the position for which you are applying. Place your order, upload all of your educational, professional, and personal information, and watch what happens! We will assign a creative, energetic, resume professional to work directly with you, designing a resume for each position you seek. We can keep your information on file, developing as many resumes as necessary, until you find the position! 

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