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Your Resume May Need a Facelift

If you are not getting the “play” you want from your resume, you are probably discouraged. Yes, it is a tough job market; yes, competition is stiff; and yes, you need a competitive edge!

Editing resume

There are a couple of reasons for your failure to get calls for interviews:

  • Your resume may look just like everyone else’s, and that is definitely a non-starter
  • Your resume may be structure incorrectly, putting too much emphasis on the wrong things and not emphasizing the right things enough
  • Your resume may have grammatical issues – this is a huge turnoff for any reader!

You may have had friends, family, etc. review your resume; you may have gone online and downloaded templates that you have used to structure your resume; you may even have gone to one of those cheap resume writing services online. None of these avenues will result in a stellar resume that will grab a reader’s attention.

You Need a New Unique Approach from

The team of professional resume writers and editors at come from all areas of business, industry, and professional organizations.They continually research the newest trends in resumes that get notice, and translate that knowledge into the editing of resumes that come to us for review.

The Editing Process at

Once you have placed an order for editing and have uploaded your current resume, your personal editor will begin his/her work. The editing procedure will proceed as follows:

  • A thorough overview of the content comes first. Taking into consideration the positions for which you intend to apply, your pro will analyze the content and suggest changes. Perhaps you are emphasizing the wrong things; perhaps you are failing to give enough content to specific skills and strengths employers will find most valuable.
  • Organizational Structure: Content is meaningless unless the structure of the resume features the most important “selling” points. Using standard templates presents you in a boring manner – one in which most other applicants are presenting themselves. You need to be unique, and your structure and wording need to “fit” the “culture” of the types of organizations to which you will apply.
  • The third aspect of review and edit will relate to grammar. You cannot present a resume that has even the smallest error in sentence structure, vocabulary, or mechanics. These errors tell a potential employer that you are sloppy and/or lazy!

When you use the professionals at, you will have a resume you can be proud to submit. What’s more, you will “look” different, and that is always a good thing in the job market! Get in touch with today, and begin this important step toward your future!

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