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Math Optimization – It’s Important to Business and Industry!

We are thankful that there is an increase in the numbers of students entering schools of mathematics and physics in our colleges and universities. We have significant problems on a national and international scale that must be solved, and the use of math modeling and optimization are effective and proven methodologies to provide solutions. Modeling can provide solutions, and optimization can determine the best one for a given problem in engineering, finance, science, information systems, environmental management, and the humanities.

optimization in maths

Optimization projects necessarily rely on math modeling, but take that modeling one step further and isolate the best of all modeling options. It may appear to be rather simple and direct, but ask any mathematician, and you will soon learn that these are complex projects with many variables and many chances for failure.

Undergrads in the final years of their degree programs and graduate students who pursue degrees in mathematical or related fields all face any number of modeling/optimization projects, in order to demonstrate their mastery of these processes. Many who have not yet fully mastered these processes must still produce academically-worthy work, and therein lies the problem. They must accept mediocre grades or get expert help while they continue to learn.

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If you find a modeling/optimization project just too challenging, you can turn it over to one of our Ph.D.’s. – an academic who has produced many such projects for students just like yourself. Contact our customer service department, give us the details, and allow your project creator to confidentially prepare your project, keeping you involved all along the way, and “teaching” you by example. You will have an incredible project and will have moved further along in your own understanding.

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