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College Admission Packets Will Always Include Writing

When you begin to consider undergraduate or graduate programs, you will be begin a lengthy application process. Much of the packet you will be completing is filling in blanks, gathering your test scores, and, of course, requesting that your official transcripts be sent. Usually, there will be some very short answer questions – a couple of sentences – in response to very specific questions. 

Admission essay writing

The other quite critical piece will be the application essay(s). Generally, for an undergraduate program, students will complete the “Common Application,” and there will be 4-5 prompts from which the applicant will pick one. Typical prompts include such statements/questions as, “Describe a major story or experience that is central to your identity,” or “Describe an incident or time when you failed at something. How did it impact you and what lessons did you learn?” 

At the graduate level, there will be 2-3 essays, and there will generally be no options. Typical prompts relate to personal growth topics, career goals, etc., and many are published on university websites well in advance of application deadlines.

So, you have months to think about the prompts and to brainstorm ideas for what you will include in your essay(s). The problem comes when those thoughts must be translated to the written word.  Everyone else vying for admission to the same schools/programs as you will be writing on the same topics. How will yours be different?  How will yours be remembered? How will yours grab and keep rapt attention of the readers?

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