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Writing a Stellar Personal Statement

There are two situations in which someone may be asked to provide a personal statement – in the application process for college and graduate school admissions and during some employment application procedures. 

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The assignment of a personal statement may come with a prompt which will focus your essay on a specific aspect of yourself – your goals, three guiding principles for your life, etc. At least you have a thesis when you have a prompt.

At other times, a personal essay requirement comes with no prompt.  You are then left to decide what “defines” you, identify your own thesis, and then prepare an essay that is not all over the “chess board.”

How Important is the Personal Essay?

For Students Applications: The essay is often used by admissions committees in the final decision process.  All who have made it to the “final round” are probably equipped with very similar GPA’s, co-curricular activities, community involvement, etc. The personal essay, then, is the only differentiating tool the committee has. This essay must “pop,” that is, grab attention from the first sentence and tell a compelling personal narrative that engages the reader.

For Job Applicants: Again, there are candidates with very similar backgrounds and experiences. How your background is translated into a personal statement essay is perhaps the only item in your applicant packet that sets you apart. The critical nature of this written piece cannot be underestimated!

Don’t Settle for Mediocrity!

If you do not seek out the very best assistance with your personal essay, you will have no one but yourself to blame for your potential rejection. Why take that chance? Once you make the decision to get help, you then must then look at your options. Friends and family are probably not the best sources, unless, of course, one of these individuals happens to be an accomplished writer or journalist!

There are any number of writing services, but the majority are staffed by amateurs and/or foreign students whose work involves cutting/pasting and plagiarism. Don’t ever use a writing service that takes your money, does not let you have access to your writer, and will not communicate with you. These are fraudulent companies!

The Top Choice is

Here, you are given customized and personalized writing service. We want every detail of the writing to be produced, including a prompt if given, as well as all of the salient information of your background, accomplishments, goals, principles, etc. Your writer will probably contact you for additional detail s/he may need and will certainly send you drafts for your review and comment. You will have a personal essay written by an accomplished, creative, and accomplished writer. The finished essay will present you in unique and engaging ways – ways that will leave a lasting impression on any reader!

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