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Mathematical Proofs – Deductive Reasoning Skills Required!

Most of us took geometry in high school, and so we were introduced to the process of proofs. Basically, there were axioms (givens), and other geometric theorem that had already been proved, and it was our job to take what we already knew and prove the next theorem. Those with highly developed right brains and great deductive reasoning skills did well in geometry. Others were forced to memorize the steps of the proof, so they could pass the next test. Obviously, the latter type of student probably did not go on to major in math or physical sciences in college.

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Those who do major in math, computer science, physics, and other related fields will continue to have proof assignments, and they will become more and more complex and difficult. At some point, many students hit a wall. The nature of the assignments make finding solutions beyond his/her abilities.

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Complex proofs are really difficult. And, as a college student, you know that just getting the answer from a friend or online will not ultimately help you. What you need is a full explanation, so that you can “see” each step of the proof. This is the type of help you will get from!

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