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A Resume is the First Step of a Sales Campaign

Most people don’t think of a job search as a sales campaign, but it really is! Think about it – your cover letter and resume is like an ad that arrives in the mailbox or pops up during time online. What do you do with most of those ads? Throw away or ignore, right? The same thing happens to most resumes that are sent in response to a job opportunity.

Resume assistance

Recruiters and HR professionals tell us that there are, on average, 60-100 applicants for every position opening, unless that position is highly specialized (medical researcher, physicist, etc.). They also tell us that the average resume receives about 15 seconds of viewing. This is a pretty scary thought for a job seeker!

If the only way to get an interview is to submit a resume, then it stands to reason that the resume is pretty critical to employment. And yet, job seekers settle for one that will be in the 15-second pile, because it doesn’t “shout out” to the reader.

How to Make a Resume “Shout”

You may have great educational background, solid job experience, and any number of professional and personal skills and talents.  What you are not is a resume writer. Producing your own is sort of like re-wiring a bad light socket with no electrical training. You need a resume pro – someone with long-term experience, someone who is current on the things that employers in specific industries are looking for, and someone who can make a resume “pop.”

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In developing an entire department devoted to resume creation, we have contracted with business and HR professionals from all career fields to help our clients “sell” themselves effectively and creatively. You need one of our talented writers working for you right now. Here is what makes our resume writing service different:

  • Your personally assigned writer will truly get to know you. Yes, you may provide a lot of information and even upload a resume you have been using, but it does not stop there. Your writer will ask questions, probe for more detail, and begin to formulate a picture of you that can be sold.
  • Your writer will research the career field you wish to enter, talk with those currently in that field, and determine which parts of your background and experience should comprise the main focus.
  • If you have a specific company to which you wish a resume sent, your writer will waste no time. S/he will access the company website, get a feel for the “culture,” and be certain to craft a resume that makes you a good fit for that “culture.”

If you are wondering how this is done, you need to understand the true craft of resume writing. It’s about content focus and emphasis; it’s about key words and phrases that will grab attention; it’s about “thinking outside the box.” This is why resume writers from get results for their clients!

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