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English Grammar


Instructor’s Name


12 May 2014


  • I will go to the party next week. 
  1. will go
  2. future tense
  3. auxiliary “will” + present tense
  4. stating schedule
  • He has been sleeping for nine hours. 
  1. has been sleeping
  2. present progressive tense
  3. has been + present participle “sleeping”
  4. indicate an action that is started in the past and is continued
  • You can leave after the test. 
  1. can leave
  2. present perfect
  3. can + past tense of the verb “left”
  4. stating a practical suggestion
  • She spoke to me about the party yesterday. 
  1. spoke
  2. past tense
  3. past tense of the verb “speak”
  4. reported speech
  • Randall had flown in a plane only once before his trip last year.
  1. had flown
  2. past perfect tense
  3. had + past participle of the verb “fly” – flown
  4. describe a past action that was completed at a definite time.
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