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Post - Graduation Plans

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Post Graduation Plans

Ever since I was a child I have always loved to operate computers. My parents tell me that I was obsessed with anything electronic from my childhood and that I had started working my way with a computer when I was very young age. As I grew up, most of my teenage years were spent inside the house and I had realized that I was really addicted to computers. I had a few friends that I would network with as we shared a common passion. After joining college, I decided to pursue my studies into computer engineering because of the passion I had for the computers.

Throughout college I have learned to design new websites which might help out in the future. I have managed to create a website network which is a dating site but it is not so common but has helped lots of people in the past few months, this has boosted my morale and given me new ideas of how I can help the community and help the country in so many ways. I would like to design a web network in the future which will help out hopefully in the government mostly for tracking down alias persons who are illegally in the country since they are a threat in the country. The application will help out with the FBI and other government security persons.

I believe that I have been committed and I am determined to work my way to the top because that is my main aim and I know that I will make it in life because of my hard work and determination.

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