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Lab Report Nightmares

University level lab reports are nothing like students faced during their high school years. And, if you are a science student tasked with preparing an academically-sound lab report, you understand the complexity of the job in front of you.

Technical lab reports

  • You must determine your research question and develop a scientifically significant hypothesis.
  • You must conduct a literature review, summarizing research that is relevant to your question and hypothesis
  • You must set up your research design, sometimes including experimental and control groups
  • You must collect accurate and intricate data as your experimentation progresses

You must analyze your results and discuss the significance of them to the body of related scientific knowledge. You will either confirm earlier research, demonstrate a flaw or gap in prior research, or provide suggestions for future research based upon your findings.

Incomplete literature review, flaws in design, trouble with statistical analysis of results, and many other issues connected with the production of a lab report can delay production and result in a missed deadline. Don’t let this happen to you!

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