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That Pesky Master’s Thesis!

You’ve made it through to the final semester of your Master’s program – the end is in sight! Now, based upon your coursework and all that you have learned, you are ready to begin on your thesis; now, you must develop a hypothesis that is significant and worthy of research; now, you are getting a bit nervous.

Thesis guide

Most master’s candidates are nervous about their theses. After all, it is a complex work of research and writing. You must locate the essential primary resources (lots of them), study and analyze the research of others at it relates to your hypothesis, and come to important conclusions that will either support your thesis or inform future research. There are some “land mines” along the way:

  • Will you overlook some important piece of research?
  • Will you fail to understand the implications of any of the research you study?
  • Will you be able to pull all of the research together in a coherent and fluent way in your composition?

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