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Are You Thrilled with Your Website?

Here is the primary check for you website – are you getting consistent growth of traffic and of converting those visitors into customers? If not, you are doing something wrong, and it may very well be the structure and the content of your site pages/links.

Website content that helps

If you have used a “canned” template for your site and have written the content yourself, chances are you are failing to achieve your business goals. You are an entrepreneur; you are not a content writer. Even if you have used other content writers, if you are not getting results, you must look at the structure and text of your site!

Home Page: It must be stunning and fully engaging, because you must “capture” a visitor the moment s/he lands on your site. Do not fill the home page with lots of detailed content – that content must be reserved for other pages to which a visitor can navigate. You want a great, simple, motivating home page!

Other Pages: Here, you will provide detailed content about your products and services, as well as ordering and checkout functions. Remember – your potential customer wants information, not just “hype.” Provide that information in simple, straightforward, verbiage. Use media for visual impact. And, please set up a blog! Your potential customer want information!

Landing Pages: Get the clutter out! You want to give your customer details of the special offer, and capture important contact information. Stop with the videos, animation, and such.  One picture will suffice!  You don’t want distractions or suspicion!

Ready to Renovate?

Your answer is probably “yes.” And can give you that renovation, with its experienced staff of site content writers! You will get a personal consultant, at a reasonable price, who will analyze your entire site, re-write content, make important changes, and always present those changes to you for your approval. can offer its web content writing service because we employ savvy and experienced pros – individuals who have been in the business of website development for years. They know what “works,” and they can create content that will engage and motivate your visitors. If you really want a site that gets results (i.e., purchases and profits), you will come to today!

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