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Website Review – a Confusing Term!

website review assistance

A lot of web-based business owners find the concept of “website review” a bit confusing, so let us explain the two most common meanings.

  • There are major clearinghouse sites all over the Internet, at which consumers may review sites, site content, and the products/services that such sites offer. The most popular such site is Angie’s List. Generally, business owners register on the site for a fee, and then individuals may access the site and discuss their experiences with that business, providing an evaluation that is then visible to other potential customers. Getting great reviews on these clearinghouse lists will certainly drive traffic to a business site!
  • Periodic review of one’s website is always a good idea, and there are any number of companies that charge a hefty price for a site review/report that is accompanied by suggestions for improving an owner’s traffic and overall web presence – the purpose, of course, is to increase sales.

You Really Need Both Types of Website Reviews

If you want to achieve or maintain current traffic, you need professional help for both types of reviews. has the expertise and staff to provide both, for extremely reasonable cost.

  • Our review writers can access all clearinghouse sites and write reviews of your business that will drive consumers to your site. Such reviews will be periodically placed, and each one will have a different style and vocabulary, so that “different” consumers have posted each one. The frequency of review posts is your decision.
  • Our copywriters and marketing experts can perform an extensive review of your site – its content, use of keywords, search engine positions, navigation ease, the value position, etc. Once the review is completed, specific changes will be suggested and implemented with your approval. Understand, as well, that a review of your site should be conducted on an annual basis, because, as the Internet evolves, so must you!

If you are looking for real pros who know how to push your business to the next level, through website review activities, than you are definitely looking for the pros at! Contact us for a personalized approach that will surely improve both your presence and traffic!

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