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10 Things People Don't Tell You about College

October 08, 2015 - Posted to Study

Content 10 things people don t tell you about college

10 Things People Don't Tell You about College

  1. Only Buy Books from the School Bookstore as a Last Resort

Before you head to the bookstore, do a bit of research. First, there are tons of classified ad sites on the internet where students can buy, sell, or trade textbooks. You'll pay a lot less there than you will in the bookstore, even if you buy used. Also, check with the books publisher. There may be a free PDF version available.

  1. College Professors are Much More Laid Back and Understanding than You Expect

In high school, you were probably told over and over again how strict and uncompromising your instructors would be in college. You were told that in college...

  • Tardies will get you kicked out of class
  • Late work will never be accepted
  • If you miss too many classes, you will fail the class no matter what
  • Your instructors won't go over things again if you don't figure it out the first time

Here's the reality. College instructors are, as a whole, much more understanding of personal issues, much more willing to work with you if you have problems completing an assignment, and are more concerned with teaching you the subject matter than they are with tardies and absences.

  1. Changing Your Major is Totally Normal

There's a good chance you will change your major before you graduate. You might even change it more than once. It isn't weird or flaky to do so, and it's really common. You won't ruin your future by doing this, and you won't be forced to spend years and years in school if you change majors.

  1. Sharing a Rental Home is Often the Cheapest Housing Option

If you can find a few roommates, you may be better off splitting rent and utilities on a small house than you will if you live in the dorms or in an apartment. You'll just need to be willing to   do a bit of yard work.

  1. You Probably won't Become Besties with Your Roommate and that's Okay

If you hit it off with your roommate, that's great. If you don't, no worries. Your aim should be peaceful cohabitation. Anything above and beyond that is gravy. Don't feel pressured to create some roommate friendship experience.

  1. There's Not as Much Drinking and Drugs as You Think

Yes, there is drinking and drug use at parties, but it isn't as widespread as you have probably been told. If you've been warned about peer pressure in college, you can stop worrying. Literally nobody cares if you don't drink or smoke.

  1. You Might Not Fall in Love with the College Experience

Not every student falls in love with campus life. Many students just don't form any type of attachment to the college experience. So, they simply treat school as a necessary obligation. They go to class, they do their assignments, and then they find things to do that make them happy off campus.

  1. Getting a Credit Card is Actually a Good Idea

Used responsibly, opening a credit card account can be a great idea. You will learn money  management. You'll have something to use in case of an emergency. Most importantly you will    build up a good credit rating. Most of the warnings about credit cards and college students assume that students will spend irresponsibly, and won't shop around for good interest rates.

  1. Some of the Smartest People You Encounter will be C Students

Not only that, some of them won't even graduate. Students who are exceptionally bright aren't always the students who get the best grades. Sometimes it's because they aren't there for grades. They are there to pick up skills and knowledge to reach their goals.

  1. Learn About Your Instructors Before You Sign Up for Their Classes

Find out what other students think of potential instructors before you sign up for their classes. Some may be tough graders, or they may have high expectations. That's fine, but every once in a while you'll come across an instructor who is simply borderline unprofessional.

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