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If you’ve ever wondered how we come up with new topics for blog posts, here’s a little insight. Many of the topics that we write about are the result of conversations that take place in our offices on a variety of subjects. Recently, we found ourselves discussing our parents and the good and bad advice they have given us throughout the years.
Content trustessays getting leads with content
Getting leads and conversions is a bit like feeding a stray cat. You offer a piece of food to that cat; the cat likes what you offer and eats it; the cat comes back for more. If you are involved in e-commerce, you know that your marketing efforts will be through content that you publish online – content on your website, content on your blog, content that you post on social media.
Content how to write a great horror story
We decided to take a break from more serious subjects such as, “How to write a book review.” or “Ways to write an essay” to write about some that is more fun, how to write a horror story. Horror is one of the world’s most popular genres, as it connects with our minds on a more emotional level than many other genres.
Content how to be safe
College campuses seem to be such friendly, happy places – until something goes wrong. There is crime on campuses – thousands of crimes a day, in fact – from theft of a bike or valuables from a dorm room, to car break-ins, to muggings and rape. A campus is just like a small town, and it is comprised of every type of personality.
Content writing a dissertation trustessays
Writing that Dissertation – How Fast Can You Go? The answer is pretty fast, if you make some smart decisions early on. If you are at the point of a dissertation, then you know what is in store for you.
Content 10 things you should never include on your resume
If you know somebody who works in human resources, you may have heard horror stories about the appalling things that people include in their resumes. It would be nice think that outliers and weirdos are the only folks who include cringeworthy things in their resumes. Unfortunately, this isn't true.
Content 5 things to know about essay writing service companies
If you do a Google search with the term, “essay writing services,” you will get 39,600,000 results. Granted, not all of these results are individual ad unique essay writing services, but hundreds of thousands of them are. So, how in the world can you sort them out into the great, the mediocre, the poor, and the out and out scams?
Content best services and tools for content creation trustessays
Content creation is far more than just words on the printed page. Words are all over the Internet. To grab and keep attention, content creation must involve the following - Great headlines that immediately get a reader’s attention and other.
Content how to write a book review   it s not a report
College students struggle with book reviews because they have never been taught the difference between book reviews and book reports. Book reports are what they produced in high school; book reviews are what is expected in college.
Content how to make friends in the new places
If you are one of those people who can walk into a party, introduce yourself to everybody, and end the evening with a handful of new close friends, this may not be a post that is very useful to you. However, if your idea of a good time at a party is finding out that the host has a pet cat, and then playing with the cat all night, this post was probably written just for you.
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