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7 Inspiring Reasons to Become a Writer

May 11, 2016 - Posted to Study

Content rsz 7 inspiring reasons to become a writer

If your wish is to become a writer, most probably you are often advised not to do this. Why? People tend to believe that such a career is nothing but a beautiful dream nowadays, and you will end up with no money and no experience. Most probably, your parents and your friends have already discussed this aspect with you and encouraged you to seek another profession. However, if you are a talented writer, these aspects should not dishearten you. In fact, there are only a few persons who have both excellent writing skills and talent, while others can barely handle their academic tasks and search for words like “write my essay” on the Internet whenever they have to write a complex article.

1. Earn money from your passion

So if writing is your passion, why would you try to do something else in order to earn your existence? Wouldn’t it be easier if you would just write and be paid for that? Do what you like and what you are good at and earn income. Isn’t this the best thing ever?

2. Take advantage of a flexible lifestyle

Most of the writers encounter difficulties when they need to follow a strict schedule, which fences their creativity. In fact, you may be productive in the afternoon, but never in the morning. However, if you have to take a full-time job as anything but a writer, no one will care about your productivity or creativity moments. As a writer, you have the chance to organize your life just as you wish.

3. Enjoy your job

Unfortunately, most of the people find no joy in their daily routine at work, and they are disappointed. But this is not the case of writers, who are never bored when working and are free to explore a wide array of topics. Moreover, doing what you love daily provides you professional satisfaction, which has a great effect on your entire life.

4. Educate others

Not only teachers and professors have the chance to teach others. Writers can also do this. In fact, any person is influenced by what he/she reads. This way, you have the power to educate your audience, and you can do this through innovative techniques, not by boring seminars. Be a writer, an educator, and change the world around you in a better one!

5. Experience things more deeply

Whenever you write, you need to comprehend a multitude of aspects first. For this reason, you get to experience things more deeply, because you need to understand issues that are not obvious. For example, a writer will always try to see why people act in a certain way and even do research on this topic. They get to know interesting facts about human behavior, which allows them to see the world from a different, but fascinating perspective. This way, they fulfill their own lives and improve the quality of their relationships. Not to mention that thinking about these aspects and searching for this kind information contribute to their personal development.

6. Get recognition

Another reason to become a writer is recognition and even fame. Numerous writers have gained a reputation nowadays and get to see their names on their published books. If you were wondering what professional satisfaction means to a writer, you should find out that recognition is a significant part of it. Just imagine seeing your name on a published book or having your own piece of writing in your personal library.

7. No limits

Even though it is the seventh reason, this is still one of the best things why you should become a writer: there are no limits. Write about what you want, concentrate on your interests, organize your time, and enjoy your freedom!


Written by Nicole Boyer

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