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7 ways students use stress management techniques in the college

June 13, 2016 - Posted to Study

Content 7 ways students use stress management techniques in the college

Now that you have chosen your college and are about to enter those ivory towers, it may feel like you have an elephant sitting on your head. When will I have to write my essay? What about my books? What about my roommate who smells like old cheese? Will I make friends? These and many other questions may overwhelm you when you first get to college, but that is because your energy is below the correct level and that leaves your tensions high. Follow these little tidbits we have gathered for you to relieve that stress ball that is sitting in your throat and has put a couch up in your head and sat down.


Have a seat on the floor crossed leg style with your back straight. As you reach up breathe in slowly then breath out as you bring your arms back down slowly. Do this until that shortness of breath that you are feeling dissipates. Stress can cause anxiety attacks, and if you are prone to them you should do breathing exercises regularly.


Although you may have a lot of study on your plate, it is a known fact that sometimes when you walk away from it and come back with fresh eyes, you retain it more efficiently. Stop after a couple of hours of intense study to work on what you love. Cook something, knit something, draw something, or even if you just like social media, say hi to a few friends that haven’t heard from you since the semester started.

Avoid Alcohol

Although alcohol is associated with relaxing, it actually has the opposite effect when wearing off if it is over used. There will be plenty of time to party once the grades are in. Do not allow this sneaky drug wreak to havoc on your studies or your life. If you feel you have an alcohol problem, get help immediately. Alcohol is a drug, and in some cases can be addictive.

Move Around

Exercise has to be one of the best stress relievers for a body full of anxiety. Before you sit down to write an essay, exercise for about 15 minutes. Just stretch out your limbs, and you will notice how productive you are while writing, and how open your thought processes become. In between study time, take a quick walk to the store or around campus if it is a nice day out.

Change of Scenery

If you are living on campus, dorm rooms are usually small, and the walls may be moving in on you. A roommate who is disturbing you all the time can also be a stress bummer. Get out of there. Explore the campus. Don’t be stuck in your dorm studying. There are coffeehouses, the library, the park, and may little spots you will probably find by exploring your University.

Take A Shower

The two things great about water, is that it will wake you up and it will put you to sleep. Using this knowledge is going to be a go to fix on many days, especially if you have done an all-nighter studying and need a quick wake up. Forego the coffee for a quick shower and you won’t have the caffeine meltdown that comes with too much of the student favorite.

Eat Your Vegetables

I know, I know, they don’t taste as good as the greasy stuff, but your butt is going to spread sitting there typing all of the time, and you will not have any energy. The average student gains between 25-30 pounds while in college. This is a definite stress builder for you. Eat the right foods so that your energy level is sufficient for your busy campus lifestyle. It’s okay now and then to splurge on your pizza, wings and chips, but keep it at a minimum. Remember, all things in moderation.

You have 4 years of your time to invest in college. Easy does it on your mental health by managing your stress levels with these suggestions. Let us know what works for you.


Written by Nicole Boyer

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