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Content rsz become smarter with these 5 hobbies
Your semesters are over, or you are on vacation and you don’t want to lose that edge you had while studying that kept your mind sharp, and the good grades coming in. What can you do to increase your brain function on downtimes when you are not running around from library to computer lab, and still have some fun?
Content 7 ways students use stress management techniques in the college
Now that you have chosen your college and are about to enter those ivory towers, it may feel like you have an elephant sitting on your head. When will I have to write my essay? What about my books? What about my roommate who smells like old cheese? Will I make friends? These and many other questions may overwhelm you when you first get to college, but that is because your energy is below the correct level and that leaves your tensions high. Follow these little tidbits we have gathered for you to relieve that stress ball that is sitting in your throat and has put a couch up in your head and sat down.
Content rsz 7 inspiring reasons to become a writer
If your wish is to become a writer, most probably you are often advised not to do this. Why? People tend to believe that such a career is nothing but a beautiful dream nowadays, and you will end up with no money and no experience. Most probably, your parents and your friends have already discussed this aspect with you and encouraged you to seek another profession. However, if you are a talented writer, these aspects should not dishearten you. In fact, there are only a few persons who have both excellent writing skills and talent, while others can barely handle their academic tasks and search for words like “write my essay” on the Internet whenever they have to write a complex article.
Content 7 places to celebrate vd day trustessays
Valentine’s day is approaching, and you’re still probably wondering where you should take your significant other. After all, you believe that they deserve nothing less than the best, and they probably think that as well. Valentine’s day is a day that is made for lovers around the world. From candies and flowers to candlelight dinners in the park. Here are the seven best places to take your lover on valentine's day.
Content 15 everyday health tips for college students
During college, it is very easy to lose track of your health. Studying, making new friends, just enjoying the college lifestyle can make it very easy for you to lose notice of your well being. That being said your health is one of the most important aspects of your life, and you should take care of yourself.
Content 9 notable christmas traditions throughout the world
During the holiday season, many different cultures take part in the festivities. Some celebrate Christmas due to religious beliefs; others celebrate because they see it as a day to simply get together with friends and family. Other countries don't celebrate Christmas, for other holidays that are in similar spirits to this wonderful one. Here are just 9 of the most notable Christmas traditions around the world.
Content 7 time management tips for college students
If you have trouble keeping up with your assignments, and you cannot get everything done each day that you want to, you might have a time management problem. This is very common among students who are dealing with the responsibilities of school, work, and social lives. Fortunately, there are some easy steps you can take to get a handle on time management.
Content 7 secrets for getting good grades in college
Everybody knows that it is important to study hard and pay attention in class. Did you know that there were other techniques you can use to increase your chance at receiving excellent grades? Here are 7 secrets for getting good grades in college.
Content college halloween party ideas
Wouldn't it be fun to throw a Halloween party this year? Yes, we know Halloween is literally a day or two away, but that's no excuse to pass up the opportunity to throw a great party. All of the staff members at love Halloween so much, we have decided to take a break from helping students to 'write my essay' and help you come up with some amazing last minute college Halloween party ideas.
Content 10 things people don t tell you about college
Before you head to the bookstore, do a bit of research. First, there are tons of classified ad sites on the internet where students can buy, sell, or trade textbooks. You'll pay a lot less there than you will in the bookstore, even if you buy used. Also, check with the books publisher. There may be a free PDF version available.
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