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7 Secrets For Getting Good Grades in College

November 16, 2015 - Posted to Study

Content 7 secrets for getting good grades in college

7 Secrets For Getting Good Grades in College

Everybody knows that it is important to study hard and pay attention in class. Did you know that there were other techniques you can use to increase your chance at receiving excellent grades? Here are 7 secrets for getting good grades in college.

  1. Get to Know Your Instructors

Don't be a stranger to your professors. Take the time to introduce yourself to them. Stop by during office hours to say hello. Send them emails asking for feedback or information. Will doing any of these things guarantee you an “A”? It will not. However, if your instructors know who you are, and you have established friendly, yet professional relationship with them, your grades may get a bit of a boost as a result. First, it is human nature for people to view the work of people to like in a favorable light. This familiarity also comes in handy if you need to request an extension on an assignment, or if a grade on a college essay or other assignment is right on the edge between an average grade and good one.

  1. Join a Study Group

Study groups are a great way to truly gain a grasp of the material that is being covered in a class. The interactive, discussion based format of study groups mean that you engage multiple senses as you learn the material. You also benefit from the help and feedback of your peers. Not only will you learn things you didn't know, you will also learn things you had no idea you didn't know.

  1. Use a Great App For Taking Notes

Rather than using pen and paper to take notes that are likely to be lost later on, and that you will practically fall asleep taking, download a note taking app. Apps such as Evernote allow you to create and categorize the notes that you take in class. In addition to this, you are less likely to become drowsy or distracted if you are engaged with your phone.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

Don't let overnight study sessions, work, and an active social life cost you so much sleep that you cannot function in class. Try to get the sleep that you need so you can focus and learn when you are in the classroom.

  1. Don't Take That 8 A.M. Class

Or, if it applies to you, don't take that 9 P.M. Class. The point is this. Don't take classes that force you to be awake and alert at times that work against your body's own circadian rhythms. Instead, schedule your classes when  your energy levels are the highest.

  1. Don't Procrastinate on Big Writing Assignments

If you are working on a big writing assignment, try to break it down into several smaller tasks. Then, give yourself a deadline for completing each of these tasks. You will find that you get much better grades than you will if you try to finish everything at the last minute.

  1. Don't be Afraid to Ask for Help

Your college has several resources available to you if you need academic help. Your campus probably has a writing center, and several labs where you can get help on a variety of subjects. Trust Essays, is of course another option for help on writing and other assignments.

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