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7 Time Management Tips For College Students

December 09, 2015 - Posted to Study

Content 7 time management tips for college students

7 Time Management Tips For College Students

If you have trouble keeping up with your assignments, and you cannot get everything done each day that you want to, you might have a time management problem. This is very common among students who are dealing with the responsibilities of school, work, and social lives. Fortunately, there are some easy steps you can take to get a handle on time management.

  1. Dedicate 15 Minutes Each Night to Organization

Before you go to bed in the evenings, take 15 minutes to get organized for the next day. Pack your lunch, put all your papers in your backpack, set your alarms for the next day, and lay out your clothes for the morning. That 15 minutes you spend in the evening could translate into 30 minutes or longer in the morning.

  1. Learn to Set Priorities

When you are in college, there will be many people and tasks that make demands on your time. In order to manage your time effectively, you must set priorities. One excellent way to do this, is to place every task in front of you into one of four categories: Important and urgent, urgent but not important, important but not urgent, and not urgent and not important. Then, tackle each task in that order.

  1. Study Only What You Need to Know

Many students make the mistake of studying everything they have been learning. This is a waste of time. Once you have something mastered or memorized, stop studying it. One way to do this is to use a study app such as StudyBlue flashcards. With this app, once it becomes clear that you have learned something, the app stops quizzing you about it, and focuses on what you don’t know. This gradually reduces the amount of time you have to spend studying a particular subject.

  1. Review Your Course Syllabus

When you start classes in the new semester, take time to review each course syllabus. Learn what will be covered and when things are going to be due. This will help you to know when you will need to clear your schedule for major projects and assignments.

  1. Don’t be The Hero on Group Projects

One of the problems with group projects is that one person winds up doing the majority of the work. Don’t be that person. Instead, insist that everybody contribute equally. There is no need for you to spend hours of time working, if others will not do the same. A few people might resist, but in most cases, if you stand firm, everybody will pitch in.

  1. Learn to Eat Healthy on The Run

If you pack foods that you can eat on the go, you can get back an hour of time each day. String cheese, apples, sandwiches, and wraps can all be eaten as you walk from class to class. This will save you trips to the dining hall or drive-thru.

  1. Know When to Hit The Sacrifice Fly

In baseball, when somebody hits a sacrifice fly, the intentionally bat the ball so that it is easy for an infielder to catch. The result is that they are called out. However, while this is happening, one of the base runners advances a base or even makes it all the way to home plate. The goal is to earn a point for the team, no matter what. Sometimes, for your grades or for your sanity, you need to hit a sacrifice fly. This may be sleeping in and missing a class so that you are on track to get a good grade on an exam. It might also mean taking an intentional zero on an assignment in order to finish an important research project. 

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