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30 Insanely Creative College Essay Topics

November 17, 2014 - Posted to Study

Content 30 insanely creative

Essays for college courses can be insanely boring and tedious, and I can remember those days of trying to come up with creative ideas as the assignments just kept flowing!

And I actually like to write. I cannot imagine the pain of college essays for those who hate to write or who hate coming up with stale, unimaginative topics that turn into stale unimaginative essays.

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Sometimes, students do not have a choice because college essay prompts are already provided. It should be noted, however, that college admissions essay prompts, as well as those given to students once they are enrolled, are actually getting better.

Of course, you are always going to get college essay topics in serious courses that will require formal, scholarly treatment, but in other courses (e.g., English, political science), you may have free reign to get creative with your own topics.

This trend toward insanely creative essay topics has begun with college admissions prompts, many of which have been devised by specific universities. 

Here are just a few:

  • Write a limerick that describes you (NYU)
  • Where is Waldo, really? (U. of Chicago)
  • How do you feel about Wednesday? (U. of Chicago)
  • What Outrages You? (Wake Forest)
  • Make a Bold Prediction about 2030 that no one else has thought of. (U. of VA)
  • What do you hope to find over the rainbow? (UNC)

Essay topics college students choose for themselves can be just as creative, and professors do enjoy reading essays that are unique in presentation, while still making a point.

In a psychology course, for example, I once wrote an essay on the self-esteem issues of overweight teenage girls. The title of my essay was, “Barbie Should Gain Some Weight.”

In fact, every time I had to write an essay for college coursework, I tried very hard to choose a topic that could be treated creatively while still meeting the expectations of the instructor.

At first, it was hard, but with practice, it became easy. I even wrote an essay on Mehlville’s Moby Dick titled, “A Whale of a Laugh.”

If you are having trouble finding creative topics, there are essay topics for college students all over the Internet. Remember, however, if they have been attributed to someone else, you must use your own creative wording – use the topics just for ideas, and great ideas they are!

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Here is a list of some topics for college essays that might get your creativity flowing:

  • The Color of Enthusiasm (or Passion, or Greed, etc.)
  • College Culture Shock, or Where is My Big Comfy Couch? (essay about college acclimation)
  • What if I woke Up Tomorrow the Opposite Sex?
  • The Beauty of Fear
  • What am I Really Eating?
  • What if Hitler had been Accepted to Art School?
  • Barbie Should Gain Some Weight
  • Describe Your Imaginary Eden
  • Describe a Football Game from the Perspective of a Helmet
  • What is Your “Sacred Cow?”
  • The U.S. is Controlled By ______________
  • If My Life Were a Cartoon
  • Write 3 of Your Own Idioms
  • “I’m On the Run”
  • The Beast in Me
  • A Day in the Life of a Pair of Shoes
  • Stuck in an Elevator with _____________________
  • A Song that Describes My Life
  • What I Would Say to Vladimir Putin
  • If My Name Were an Acronym, It Would Be____
  • “In a Galaxy Far, Far Away…”
  • The Man on the Park Bench Reading a Newspaper
  • My Dirty Little Secret
  • If My Mail Could Talk
  • If I could Steal Anyone’s Identity, It Would Be…..
  • If I were a Walton…..

If none of these triggers some brain synapse, you can certainly go online and find lots of sites that offer 100 college essay topics.

I kind of like these though!


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