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Easy Essay Writing for the Compositionally Challenged

November 17, 2014 - Posted to Writing tips

Content easy essay

Some insist that there is no such thing as an easy essay.

I stand her to tell you that there is, and I’m going to tell you exactly how to do it!

Once you write a few (and I’ll give you some topic ideas later), you’ll just get better. I know, that thing your parents kept saying to you is really true – practice makes perfect!

So, here’s a little mini-guide on writing easy essays, and if you follow my instructions, at least for the most part, you may wind up knowing how to write an easy essay and even kinda looking forward to writing one for a good grade or extra credit!

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The Definitive Guide (well, not quite, but close) to easy essay writing

Choosing a Topic:

Sometimes you don’t get this luxury, because your instructor will assign a topic. Within that general topic, however, you may be able to tweak a bit and come up with a topic that relates and that excites you.  

That’s kind of the key – you have to have a topic that you want to write about.

So, you have a provided topic related to pollution. What type of pollution affects you most, or what type of pollution do you find most hideous? That’s your specific topic.

Need Some Facts?

Sometimes, you have to pick up a few facts to make your points or arguments compelling. This is one of the most important easy essay writing tips I can give you.

Small amounts of research are readily available, and you can “Google” exactly what you want. And you don’t have to attribute them to anyone if they are generally known facts.

Suppose plastic bags enrage you (they enrage me too, by the way). Find three pieces of information that relate to plastic bag pollution – they end up in our oceans and kill hundreds of thousands of marine animals each year; they stay in the environment for hundreds of years and release carbon gases as they degrade; as they degrade, they also release toxic particles into ground water and enter the food chain. 

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Your Body Paragraphs are Basically Written:

Your three pieces of information are now the basis for your three body paragraphs, and you are on your way to becoming an easy essay writer.

Now each body paragraph must have a topic sentence and supporting detail which you already have.

Just watch your grammar as you write these paragraphs.

Now Your Introduction:

You want an attention-getting beginning, so find some really startling fact about plastic bags.

Here’s one! Every year, humans discard enough plastic to circle the earth four times. There’s your opener!

Your Conclusion?

That’s easy.

Provide a couple of solutions that must be implemented! Governments must curb their use (California has already passed such a law, by the way); biodegradable and cheap alternatives must be developed (some already are, but they are way expensive right now).

If you have free reign with topics, remember you want to choose those about which you have solid knowledge (or can quickly get it) and in which you have great interest.

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These are easy essays to write because you will enjoy them. I am also including a short list of easy essay topics on which almost anyone can write:

  • Anything on Pollution – the facts are so easy to find!
  • The Best Pet
  • Navigating the Whole Student Loan Thing – this could be a personal horror tale, actually
  • Pot Hole Hell
  • Three Wasteful Expenses of the Defense Department (or any other department for that matter – easy to find). I actually wrote one once about $40 bath towels, $600 toilets, and 125 unused Mercedes Benz cars rusting in a warehouse.
  • What I Want Over the Rainbow
  • The Best Invention Ever

You can see where I am going – simple subjects, easily found facts, and topics you like!


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