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Last Minute College Halloween Party Ideas

October 29, 2015 - Posted to Study

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Last Minute College Halloween Party Ideas

Wouldn't it be fun to throw a Halloween party this year? Yes, we know Halloween is literally a day or two away, but that's no excuse to pass up the opportunity to throw a great party. All of the staff members at love Halloween so much, we have decided to take a break from helping students to 'write my essay' and help you come up with some amazing last minute college Halloween party ideas.

Bring Your Own Pumpkin

Call your friends, and tell them to bring over their pumpkins for an impromptu pumpkin carving party. All you'll need to do is run to the store for a disposable table cloth, a few inexpensive pumpkin carving kits, paint, glitter, and glue. Then, stop at the grocery store for some beer, wine, and soft drinks. Order some pizzas when you get home and you'll be laughing and carving pumpkins with your friends in just a few hours.

Last Minute Costume Contest

Here are the rules. Your friends have a day or less to get this done. No purchasing costumes, or using last year's store bought costume. Each costume must be handmade out of items students find around the dorm. Then, throw up a few cheap decorations in your apartment or dorm room, buy some refreshments, and wait to see the hilarious costumes your friends put together.

Halloween Open House

If you live in the dorms, you can count on a lot of activity in the halls and in other rooms. Join in on the fun by throwing together a fun Halloween open house. Throw ingredients for chili in the slow cooker and set out shredded cheese, disposable bowls and silverware, and crackers. Set out a few trays of pumpkin cookies from the local bakery, and fill a cooler with drinks. Hang up a Halloween streamer, and prop open your door. You'll attract your friends, and meet new people!

Halloween Party Potluck

If your friends are up for a party, there's a good chance they'll be willing to pitch in. Get everybody to agree to bring a snack or something to drink. Then, rent a scary DVD, or put on some Halloween theme music. This is the perfect mix for a nice, laid back Halloween party.

Scary Movie Fest

Here's what you need:

  • DVDs or Access to Streaming – Be creative! Make your movie marathon interesting by building your party around a theme. Maybe some Steven King movies or 'scream queen' movies from the eighties?
  • A disposable cooler for cold beverages and the cold beverages to go in that cooler
  • Bags of popcorn
  • Chips
  • Something sweet and Halloween themed from the grocery store bakery
  • Plenty of cushions and a few throw blankets for seating

Once all of your supplies are in place, the only thing you have left to do is call your friends and have them come over.

Halloween Bonfire

If you have an ideal spot for a bonfire, you have the perfect place to throw a last minute party. All you need is some firewood, hot dogs, buns, s'mores ingredients, and cold drinks. Tell your friends to bring their own lawn chairs and blankets, and enjoy Halloween outdoors.

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