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Social Life Hacks for Making Friends in New Places

October 01, 2015 - Posted to Writing tips

Content how to make friends in the new places

Life Hacks for Making Friends in New Places

If you are one of those people who can walk into a party, introduce yourself to everybody, and end the evening with a handful of new close friends, this may not be a post that is very useful to you. However, if your idea of a good time at a party is finding out that the host has a pet cat, and then playing with the cat all night, this post was probably written just for you. Making connections with people and ultimately making friends can be difficult even in the most familiar situations if you are an introvert or if you simply don't have the best verbal communications skills. Trying to do this in an unfamiliar setting is even more difficult. Fortunately, making friends in a new place or situation is not impossible. This is true even for us socially awkward types. The next time you find yourself in a new situation or a new place, try a few of these social life hacks out. You may not leave with a half dozen close friends, but you might get to know a few really cool people.

Scope Out Somebody with a Common Interest

There are always signs. Maybe somebody is wearing a t-shirt with a slogan from your favorite move, maybe their ring tone is your favorite songs, or maybe they've managed to find the pet cat first. Whatever it is, you will know that you have found a potential tribe member. Walk up and say. Then, ask them about the ring tone, t-shirt, or who can write my essay for me. It's a great way to start a conversation.

Find Where People Near You are Connecting Online

If you are a student, see if there is a Facebook page for students, or if people are using the Meetup app. Then, join the group. This gives you the chance to slowly survey the social scene in our new location and to introduce yourself in a way that you can control.

Become a Regular

Sometimes, one of the best ways to make friends is to simply be a constant presence. Find a place that you enjoy, and then go there on a regular basis. Not only will you become familiar to others, they'll slowly become familiar to you. This is the ideal breeding ground for the kinds of friendships that slowly develop, but last forever.

Rein in Your Inner Snob

Those of us who find it difficult to make friends in new places and new situations often use a defense mechanism that involves us defining things as lame, fake, or shallow. In reality, this often reflects our discomfort and feelings of awkwardness more than it reflects reality. So, if you find yourself feeling snarky, take a step back and focus on enjoying yourself.

Try Volunteering

There is nothing like working hard as a volunteer to help you get over any awkwardness. Find a volunteer opportunity in your new location, and you will find people who are passionate about the same things that excite you.

Join a Club or Recreational Sports Team

Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, chances are other people enjoy doing that thing as well. Find a club or team, and join up. You will meet new people, and you will have the benefit of having a hobby or activity in common.

Get a Dog and Take Him on Lots of Walks

There may not be a better conversation starter than a dog. In fact, if you take your new pet to the same spot to walk and get exercise every day, you are sure to make connections with several dog owners/lovers.

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