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Writing that Dissertation – How Fast Can You Go?

November 30, 2015 - Posted to Writing tips

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The answer is pretty fast, if you make some smart decisions early on. If you are at the point of a dissertation, then you know what is in store for you:

  • You have to come up with a topic area and a research question within that topic area that our advisor approves
  • You will have to write a proposal that will include all of the sections required by your department
  • You will have to conduct a review of literature and write up a solid summary of it for chapter 2
  • You will have to design an original research project to answer your research question, implement that research, and the report it all out with scholarly analysis and statistics
  • You will have to reach conclusions based upon your research.

You can spend the next 12-18 months agonizing through each step of this major work, or you can decide how it might be divided up by getting some professional dissertation writing help.

What You Can and Cannot Delegate

The above 5 steps all have parts with which you can get solid assistance, and some parts that you will have to do on your own.

  • Topic area and research question: you and your advisor will work pretty closely to determine your research question. Just be certain that you do not get “talked into” one that you advisor is really keen on that you are not. You need to have some true and abiding interest in the research or you will hate every minute of your work.
  • Writing that Proposal: You have never written a dissertation proposal before, and this may be a time to get some professional help. Committees are notorious for sending Ph.D. candidates back to re-write their proposals – sometimes 2-3 times. Take a look at the proposals that have been accepted in the past in your department and use them as models as you write your own. If you are really struggling, however, find a reputable online writing service that has a Ph.D. in your field who can help. You can send your consultant your research question and a brief summary of the type of research you plan to conduct, and have an experienced pro put that proposal together.
  • A part of the proposal summarizes a small part of the research that exists on your topic, and your consultant has covered that in the proposal. But the full literature review is tedious and time-consuming and is a task that your consultant could easily complete for you. While the literature review is being complete, you can focus on setting up your research and actually implementing it while that literature review is being written.
  • Reporting the results of your research will require that your data be well-organized and present both in prose and in graphics – charts and graphs that will provide visual representation of your results. These are also area that can be “sent out” for completion.
  • Discussion and analysis of your research results will require strong statistics skills – skills that you may not have. You can turn you data over to your consultant who can provide that complete analysis for you and write it up with the bet accompanying graphics.

What’s Left?

Not much, really. You will need an introduction and conclusion and to ensure that your final product is written in a fully scholarly way without structural or grammatical errors. Again, this is something your assigned consultant can do as well.

There you have it. You can have a dissertation finished in only the amount of time that it takes you to actually conduct the research. No struggle, no sleepless nights, no worries!

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