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Content 8 questions
If you are going for a Master’s, you should know that the minimum credit hours will be 30, and possibly more. Your program will be determined by the department, the coursework will be more rigorous than your undergraduate program and, in most cases, and you will be required to write a thesis – a major research project.
Content study tips
My mother was really big on setting up the perfect environment for studying when I was in high school. Here was the deal. She insisted that the best way to study was to be in my room, at a desk she and my father spent good money on, with the door closed and no disturbances.
Content writing skills
If you didn’t learn to write passably by the end of high school, you are in for some serious remedial work, especially if you are continuing your education.
Content essay examples
Need an essay about the dying coral reefs? No problem – there are good essay examples for this topic in several places on the web. Need an essay on A Tale of Two Cities? Check out “Google” for essay samples on every theme in the book! Finding sample essays on anything, in fact, takes only a few clicks and the right keywords.
Content 30 insanely creative
Essays for college courses can be insanely boring and tedious, and I can remember those days of trying to come up with creative ideas as the assignments just kept flowing!
Content easy essay
Sometimes you don’t get this luxury, because your instructor will assign a topic. Within that general topic, however, you may be able to tweak a bit and come up with a topic that relates and that excites you.
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